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5 Creative Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Romantic Glow


Love is like a beautiful flower which I may not touch, but whose fragrance makes the garden a place of delight just the same.” – Helen Keller


Just like a flower, love needs the right ambiance to blossom. Our bedrooms are for the course of love and romance what a garden is for a flower. For love to bloom, we need to make sure our bedrooms have the perfect romantic glow – something that will put our partners in the mood for sweet loving.

Whether you are new to a relationship or want to make your long-term relationship feel as new as a budding rose, the best way to keep the sparks alive is through the gleaming lantern of romance. 

However, it can be a little confusing when it comes to the whole process of redoing your bedroom just to strike the right mood. Well, if this is something that you’re struggling with as well, then this blog is the perfect guide for you. We will be discussing each and every aspect of your room that you can change to make the whole area feel more romantic.

Let’s start!

Step #1: Your Bed

Messy Bed Fluffy Pillows 


The first and foremost thing you need to consider is your bed. It is where your mind relaxes and your body is able to de-stress and rest, which makes it the epicentre of your room. Keeping this in mind, make sure you pay extra attention to your bed.

Your goal is to give it a 5-star hotel kind of a look. Start by investing in some high quality silk or satin sheets in white, pink, gold and even black shades. In addition, find some big, fluffy pillows that give a sink-in effect along with some small-sized pillows for ornamentation. 

Step #2: De-Clutter Your Room

Sleek, Organized and de-cluttered table


Another way to really sweep your partner off their feet is by de-cluttering your room. Whether you’re trying to make an excellent first impression or trying to swoon your long-time lover away, make sure that you get rid of any cluttered items. 

Start with your wardrobe. Get rid of all the clothes or any other items that you do not necessarily need. Whatever dirty laundry you do have, wash, fold and replace it. If you have books or accessories lying around, invest in a sturdy shelf and organize them. 

On the whole, your goal should be to make your room look as neat as possible. So work those organizational skills – your partner will be super impressed!

Step #3: Add a Romantic Glow


Wall fixed, chic and modern, soft glow light

You might have come across articles that endorse colored lights or bedside lamps. But that is simply not convenient practically. If you want your bedroom to be you and your partner’s safe, loving haven, then you need to invest in practically usable yet romantic lights.

While there are several stylish lights such as pendant and industrial designed, the best way to add a romantic glow to your room is with a chic and elegant, wall light. Make sure that the wall fixture is right above your bed to create illumination for your romantic moment.

However, make sure that the lights aren’t right on top of the bed or too bright. This can be a total mood-kill for the two of you. The lights must be mellow and moody to match the atmosphere inside. Not only will this create a romantic glow, but it will also be convenient and practical for daily use.

Step #4: Make Sure Your Bedroom Is Always Fragrant 

Magical Scented candle 

In a study conducted on the link between fragrances and moods, it was discovered that the impact of fragrances leads to “mental, spiritual and physical healing.” As fragrance improves the mood, it is efficient in improving the mood of you and your partner, leading to a happy and romantic ambiance.

Some easy ways to infuse a therapeutic aroma in the bedroom is through investing in some top-notch scented candles. As you kindle the candles, not only will the aroma spread around your room, but the soft glow of the flame will also add a touch of natural yet romantic glimmer.

Apart from this, you can also keep a stench repellant, air freshener in your room. The key is to get one which has a subtle yet captivating fragrance. Mild fragrances such as lavender, rose, coffee and even gardenia can elevate the overall mood into a more romantic vibe.

Step #5: Surprise Them!

Surprise breakfast in bed 

Although you cannot do this every day, you can definitely surprise them with something or the other every few days. Remember, the way to keep the sparks of romance alive in your relationship is through effort. So use your mind creatively (and lovingly) to surprise them with something special!

The key is to be simple yet thoughtful. You can even be cliché because as cheesy as it might be, it’ll still be incredibly romantic and your partner will automatically fall harder in love with you!

Some Evergreen Ideas:

  • Spread Roses on Your Bed: Yup, it’s going to get a little messy but your partner will be delighted and equally, surprised by this sweet, movie-inspired gesture!
  • Breakfast-in-Bed: Give your partner a relaxing Sunday morning with a surprise breakfast-in-bed with their favorite dining options, a flower and some freshly squeezed juice. 
  • Chocolates and a Love Note: This is not only the cheesiest way of expressing your love and being romantic, but also the classiest. Give your beloved something to sweet touched by and your bedroom will turn into a hotel suite 

Of course, you can also make tiny day-to-day changes or addition to your room such as playing chill and mellow music when the two of you are together or changing and replacing the vase with fresh flowers every day.

It doesn’t take too much to be romantic. While some changes can be more lasting and slightly pricier such as getting light fixtures, they can be better for the relationship in the longer run. Just make sure that no matter what, your bedroom is cozy, relaxing and blissful for the two of you – romance insinuates where the lovers are happy. 

Make the right changes in your lifestyle to have a fulfilling and romantic relationship with your partner!