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5 Innovative Lighting Ideas for Your Walk-In Wardrobe Space

5 Innovative Lighting Ideas for Your Walk-In Wardrobe Space

What a world would it have been if everyone had access to maximum closet space? A perfect one. 

Unfortunately, most people with wardrobes find themselves aimlessly browsing through the internet trying to find innovative ideas to make the most out of the limited space they have.

You don’t have to tear down walls to make more space in your wardrobe. You could instead make better use of the lighting. That’s right, a great way to maximize closet space is to optimize lighting. 

But that’s just one of the five innovative lighting ideas we’ve outlined here to optimize your walk-in wardrobe space!

  • Incorporate Mirrors To Bounce Off Light

Decorative mirrors for lighting improvement

Source: Pexels, Domicka Roseclay

While lighting ideas are usually at the very bottom of any homeowners list, they play a critical role in home decorating and optimizing. 

How so? 

Your wardrobe space is probably limited. It could arguably be considered as the smallest room in your home. And while most people would have loved to have more closet space, they can’t break down walls and existing architecture to achieve that. 

What then? You make the most out of what you have. With the same space, you can allude to the idea of having more space. 

The concept sounds tricky and complicated, but it’s not – by incorporating multiple mirrors in your closet space, you’re-directing light as it enters into the space. The light then bounces off from one corner of the room to another and gives the illusion of more closet space. 

The mirrors have to be placed strategically. For example, mirrors placed parallel to one another can bounce light off each surface more efficiently. 

  • Feature A Skylight

Natural sky light

Source: Pexels, Tom Balabaud

We’ve all fantasized about the perfect closet. However, the world’s best closet isn’t one with the most stuff inside of it. Rather, the one that’s decorated in a way that oozes creativity and style. 

Again, these factors aren’t dependent solely on materials inside of the closet. However, they can be achieved by accentuating the architecture of the space.

A skylight will shine natural light in your closet space in the morning and allow you to look up to the stars at night. There’s nothing that beats natural lighting, and there’s nothing that beats a great view! 

Understandably, you can’t rely solely on natural lighting – the sun isn’t up in the sky for the whole day!

It’s best to install a dimmer when you have features in your closet that bring in a lot of natural light. Dimmers will help adjust the lighting intensities throughout the day – minimal when the sun’s shining, and more at night. You could also adjust the dimmers enough at night to enjoy the night sky from your new favorite spot!

  • Warmer Colors Are Better

Modern wavy pendant light

Product in Image: Lorens Modern Wavy Parchment Pendant Light

The debate between warm-tones and cool-tones is still ongoing – both have their share of advantages and disadvantages. For your closet space, warm colors are the clear choice. Why? You might have noticed most fitting rooms in departmental stores feature warm-tone lights. 

This is actually a marketing tactic – warm tones are soothing and allow people to relax. Cool tones, on the other hand, are sharp and have people focusing on minor imperfections and then accentuating them. 

Think about it: would you rather fixate on a slight problem and overthink yourself to an oblivion every morning when you’re getting dressed?

Go for warmer light bulbs. However, do not opt for incandescent light bulbs – they’re outdated and draw in a lot of energy. Instead, opt for warm toned LED lighting – they’re durable, accessible, and energy conservative. 

  • Track Lights Everywhere

Minimalistic bulb attached track light

Product in Image: Einar Minimalist Classic Glass Wall Light

Track lights are lights that are arranged symmetrically on a platform. They run on a track, hence the name. While there are several variations of track lights, they chiefly act as task lights. That is, they help in illuminating specific areas of the space where a task has to be performed.

Not surprisingly, track lights are the number one choice of lighting in wardrobe spaces. While ideally every space in your living area should incorporate a blend of ambient, accent, and task lighting, there are clear favorites in limited spaces where you have to make a choice between one over the other. 

For your closet space, that clear favorite would be a stylish track light. If you’re looking for the most stylish track light designs there are something that you can make the most use out of, and that’ll look great in your wardrobe, head over to Light Vault. We have a collection of several track lights, and even more task lighting options. 

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  • Decorative Lighting Where It Matters

Minimalistic Industrial spotlight

Product in Image: Gunhild Adjustable Industrial Minimalist Spotlight

There are three types of lighting solutions: ambient lights, task lights, and accent lights. The last one of the three, accent lights are also known as decorative lighting. They’re used to accentuate certain elements in a living space that are meant to be admired, such as:

  • Paintings
  • Decorative elements
  • Architectural designs, etc. 

The importance of decorative lighting in a walk-in closet is shown in every great wardrobe design. These lights accentuate prized possessions, fancy heels, tailored suits, or jewelry that a person’s particularly fond of. 

Decorative lighting, however, provides limited lighting. This isn’t a drawback considering the fact that they were intended to provide as minimal light as possible – just enough to get someone’s attention, but not enough to overpower other lighting options in the space. 

Use decorative lighting wisely. Only install accent lights around areas that you truly want to be highlighted. Too many accent lights would mimic poorly lit ambient lighting – serving no purpose. 

The Ultimate Lighting Solution For Your Walk-in Wardrobe Space

Lighting a space isn’t a walk in the park. But with these five innovative lighting solutions, it’ll be a walk-in your closet! Light Vault has all of your lighting needs in one site – our lightings catalogue features hundreds of lighting options to choose from – ambient, task, and accent lights in every shape, color, and form you could imagine. Shop now!