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5 Simple Lighting Tricks to Make Your Dream Home Shine


Are you trying to improve your home interior?

Do you need a better space to eat, rest, study and read?

Have you been trying to create the perfect illumination for your home interior space without overdoing the décor?

According to professional home designers, the right light for a particular aspect of your home can create an illusion of spaciousness, and polish and finishing. It creates not only an artistic appeal for the perfect home interior, but also improves the overall usability of a space. 

So if you have been mastering the art of DIY house décor, here is something essential you need to know: if the right light is not attached in a space, it won’t make your dream home shine the way you envisioned it to!

Don’t worry, though! We’ve got you covered. Bringing from the knowledge of the experts of lighting placement and home décor, we have made this guide of 5 Simple Lighting Tricks that you MUST know, to make your dream home shine! 

Let’s get started:

Trick #1: Living Room

Since your living room is that one space that is most used by your family members as well as guests, it is important to make sure that it has an overall, efficient light supply. This is because a living room can be used to hold small gatherings or just to spend some alone-time reading a book. This is why, the lighting should cater to different types of functions.

Tricks to Maximize Lighting

  • Install a wall with stonework or brickwork with in-built spotlights to create a dramatic flair in your house along with maximizing the lighting 
  • Use ceiling fixture lights for hidden areas such as behind the shelves to create a unique luminous experience
  • Enhance paintings, portraits and even your indoor plants with lighting 
  • Use minimalistic pendant lights in the corner areas to create a mix of casual and luxe look

Trick #2: Dining Room 

The light you choose for a particular space should be based on the usability of that room or space. When it comes to choosing a light for the drawing room, you need to keep in mind that the use is either intimate or entertainment of guests. 

Tricks to Maximize Lighting

  • Improve the number of lighting options to create a soothing and relaxed dining experience
  • Add a chandelier based on the décor of your dining room (a contemporary chandelier if it’s minimally designed and a traditional, lantern-inspired one if the dining room is decorated with an air of antiquity) to create an air of coziness 
  • Install wall lights around the dining hall for low and intimate lighting that enhances the mood of your guests 

Trick #3: Kitchen

Kitchen is a heavily used area in your home. This is why, the lighting needs to be abundant, overhead and directional to optimize the functionality of the kitchen.

Tricks to Maximize Lighting

  • Since there is a lot of handy-work in the kitchen, a ceiling light is the best addition to it. You may choose to install cabinets underneath, but a wide mouthed, ceiling fixture is the perfect way to improve the functionality 
  • Use feature tiling to improve the impact of directional lighting
  • Use gloss-finish cabinet exteriors to create a maximized illusion of reflection 
  • Use shiny kitchen utensils such as cutlery and dishes, in order to improve the impact of the lighting on your surfaces

Trick #4: Bedrooms 

Your bedroom is the place where you relax after a long day of work, enjoy restful sleep and keep romance alive. This is why, your lighting needs to be of the perfect intensity – neither too bright nor too dim. 

Tricks to Maximize Lighting

  • Install low-level wall lights to create an air of romance and intimacy in your room. You can also choose to install ceiling, overhead lighting with low-impact to create the perfectly relaxed ambiance in your room
  • Add a stylish, elegant and minimally designed pendant lamps in the corner area to instill a sense of calmness, coziness and intimacy in the air
  • If you have a master bedroom with a lot of space, then you can even make a bold choice and the Frode Twisted Lines Ceiling Lamp for a sleek, fashionable and intimate look  

Trick #5: The Exterior 

Lighting isn’t just part of your indoor living space. Your exterior matters equally as much! This is why, you need to adorn your outdoor area with the perfect lighting options to create illumination for functionality and visibility along with aesthetics. 

Tricks to Maximize Lighting

  • Install in-ground or wall lights in your garden to create a whole new world of interesting shadows and unique beauty 
  • If you have a large patio, include something like the beautiful Francesca Clear Crystal Chandelier on top of your cute outdoor table and chairs. It will add a spark to your rather plain-looking yard, making it a relaxing space for your friends and family members to sit and get some fresh air in
  • You can also add tiles on the floor installed with underground lights to create a unique impact on your outdoor area
  • For a more regular touch, you can add spotlight ceiling light to beautify the exterior and create sufficient illumination for visibility 


The lights chosen for a particular area determines its overall look or appeal. A lot of times, homeowners or DIY decorators overlook the significance of lights and choose a “go with the flow” kind of an approach. Or simply, they just don’t take into account the effect of lighting on their space, furniture and interior.

However, lights play an important role in creating the perfect, balanced illumination in any space to secure aesthetics and enhance functionality. 

If you’re a homeowner or a DIY interior designer, then make sure to implement these 5 simple, yet effective lighting tricks to make your dream home shine!

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