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6 Creative Lighting Design Themes for your Kids’ Bedroom

Creative Lighting Design Themes for your Kids Bedroom

Designing rooms for kids is amazing! Sure, it’s a different experience altogether, but it is definitely the coolest and most fun to experience. 

If you’re planning your kids’ room décor, then try to get the involved in this process. And for even cooler and creative kids’ bedroom lighting theme décor ideas, check out this blog!

Lighting is a fundamental element of interior and exterior design. But when it comes down to designing a creative, fun and cool kids’ room, you need to make sure that the lighting either goes with the bedroom’s theme or is themed itself.

More than just being aesthetic and cool, the lighting for your children’s room should also be functional. This allows them to enjoy high visual performance that aids in their play and study. 

Are you ready to get creative? Then keep reading this guide for some amazing lighting theme ideas!

Fantasy World Lighting Theme

     Source: Thorvald Industrial Vintage Twisted Cord Pendant Light

This theme is perfect for both – boys and girls, but your little girls will instantly fall in love with this theme. The Fantasy World lighting theme includes pastel shades of pink, purple and blue that come together to create a soft, magical and beautiful look.

Since you can access this theme in pendant lamp styled lighting, you’ll also achieve functionality in your kids’ room. 

Pro Tip* Complement the room with pastel colors of soft pink and creamy white walls and a center rug piece in lilac and make your little girls squeal with happiness! 

Soft Lighting Theme

Source: 4-Design, By Designer Elena Sedova

The soft lighting theme is inspired from interior design expert, Elena Sedova’s creative genius. Using flowing curtains and light gray and pink colors, this room is designed to create a relaxing and soothing effect on your child. To tantalize their creativity, you can also create a reading or play retreat in the shape of a tent within the room and keep them engaged.

Source: Filomena Vintage Wire Cage Pendant Light

The lighting theme in this room is also soft but creative. To perfect the soft-lighting theme in the room, you can install the Filomena Vintage Wire Cage Pendant Light.

What makes this an exceptional addition to your children’s room is that it keeps the lighting soft, purposeful and elegant at the same time!

Pro Tip* Install cage styled wall fixture lights to really enhance the look of the room!

Sci-Fi Futuristic Lighting Theme

Source: Irene UFO Style Futuristic Pendant Light

If your kid is obsessed with sci-fi books and movies, robots and everything that has a futuristic vibe to it, then you need to install Irene UFO style futuristic pendant light in their room. Its glazed, spaceship-shaped exterior gives it an exotic, other-worldly feel to it, which will complement the room’s décor perfectly.

Pro Tip* Display robotic toys right on the shelves to accentuate the futuristic theme of the bedroom. You can also choose metallic colors or décor pieces to let them enjoy the other-dimensional groove in full gusto!

Science Genius Inspired Lava Lighting Theme

Source: Matilda Elegant And Chic Raindrop Pendant Light

If your child is experimental, creative and a science genius, then it will be a total treat to create a vibe that resonates with their interests in their room. To really uplift them and make your child love their room décor, go straight to the scientific, lava light lamp theme!

Install this right above their study desk and you’ll make your child love the study hour!

Pro Tip* Create space for other lighting options such as floor lamps and ceiling lamps to facilitate your child’s need for functional lighting. Use a combination of dark and light colors to enhance the lamp’s illumination while perfecting the aesthetic!

Birds Fluttering In The Air Lighting Theme 

Source: Ghita Modern Creative Bird Hanging Lamp

This lighting theme is the perfect choice for your child’s room as it generates creativity and enables them to enjoy lighting with a unique design. It serves the purpose of ornamentation along with providing sufficient illumination, necessary for visual clarity. 

Its pastel shade of pink and blue recreates the airiness and lightness of fluttering birds in the sky, allowing your child to feel enchanted and invigorated. 

Pro tip* Use this light on top of study desk or close to the toy-chest while using candy-themed desk lamps to enhance functionality! Also, choose light and bright colors on the walls such as sky blue or sparkling white to enhance that “in the air” feel. 

The Cool and Classy Lighting Theme

Source: Carlo Contemporary Unique Design Pendant Light

Last but not the least, nothing tops the cool and classy theme! This theme is perfect for growing kids who like to have a chill, relaxed and downbeat space, which they can use for multiple purposes. The cool and classy contemporary lights accentuate the perfect low-key atmosphere, allowing your kids to relax in their personal space. 

Pro tip* Paint the walls in an off-white or light beige color to achieve that cool yet classy feel in the room. You can also go for relaxed stripe-pattern wall paper as well!


Are you ready to kick start your kids’ bedroom décor? 

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