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6 Inspiring Lighting Themes To Choose From

Why wait for inspiration to come to you when you can go through a complete guide for it?

Lighting is one of the most important elements – if not the absolute most important one, in turning any other space into your own. Every corner of your home holds a special place of its own. The corner by the sofa where you read, the third chair on the dining table where you have your morning coffee or any other space in your home. All of it adds its uniqueness to it with the sort of lighting it’s provided with.

Lighting themes present you with a feeling of serenity after a long day. It’s that first sigh of relief when you adjust your lights and lie down on your bed: your retreat to recharge for another day. However, lighting inspirations do not come on their own. They have to be channeled by what captures your personality and style. Here’s a guide to six inspiring themes to choose from that encompass every style.

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An Airy And Homey Vibe

 Source: Athene Cone Shade Scandinavian Hanging Light Set

Your home is essentially a canvas for you to decorate at will – there are no right or wrong answers. Some people might use the opportunity to express themselves a little more creatively and others might use it to create something that gives them serenity. If you fall within the latter category, the perfect lighting theme for you would encompass something airy and homey.

There are several ways in which you can achieve this vibe: place a floor lamp in your favorite reading spot right beside a comfy chair, placing matching bedside table lamps on your bedposts or fixing a non-traditional chandelier in your living space.

Built-in lighting on shelves and study tables place more purpose and feeling into space. Recessed lighting fixtures, also known as can lighting, can elevate any room by making it look more spacious and wide.

Feminine Inspired Theme

 Source: Helge Top Slit Exposure Cover Pendant Lamp

This one goes out to the little kid inside of you who wants her living space to incorporate everything she loved as a kid – bright and fun! A feminine inspired theme does not have to include bright pink flashy lights. Quite the contrary.

Fixtures such as pendant lights would work perfectly for such a theme. Hang them down from the ceiling or on a chain, pendant lights are trendy and versatile lighting fixtures that give your bedroom a contemporary vibe perfect for the theme.

You might also be interested in installing track lighting along the periphery of either your work station or makeup station. Track lighting gives the ‘spotlight’ look to it – enough to make anything appear glamorous and chic!

Rugged And Refined Look

 Source: Niels Scandinavian Round Case Wooden Pendant Light

Sound contradictory? That’s the beauty of incorporating a theme. It doesn’t have to follow a particular pattern for it to be defined as the ‘right way.’ With a rugged and refined look, you would have to go chandelier shopping. However, not for a sparkly, crystal chandelier. You’re in the market looking for circular chandeliers with more of a recessed feel to the.

You can also ask the architecture to incorporate lighting within the architecture of your house such as wooden ceiling panels to make it look like it was a part of the room before anything else.

Furthermore, the look would come together with lamp fixtures installed in the walls to bring the room together. A rugged look is one where it looks like it’s toned down from the ordinary. Yet, by refining it, you want to incorporate a modern feel with it as well.

Creative And Robust

 Source: Jensine Modern Sophisticated Spotlight Shaped Wall Light

You can go with any theme and the sky would be the limit. If you want to unleash your creative side when choosing a lighting theme, go with a more robust assortment of fixtures. Hence, instead of going the ordinary route with one fixture and an open window, choose a collection of fixtures that go well with each other.

Showcase your artwork with track lights, place lamps as centerpieces and tie it all down with a chandelier. It isn’t as out of place as it sounds. Such an arrangement often ends up tying the entire room together.

Keeping It Symmetrical

Source:  Gelsomina Contemporary Eyeball Shaped Pendant Light

Your lighting theme can be symmetrical with matching fixtures and properly placed lighting all spaced evenly apart. This is quickly misjudged as a monotonous look. However, it’s quite the opposite. Such a look gives the entire room an elegant and classy feel to it.

The thing with the lighting is that it can elevate any other room. Your room does not have to be classy with anything else as per se if the fixtures make it come together. By installing focused lighting in any room, you’re reinforcing the elegant look.

Modern Lighting Themes

Source: Amedeo Simplistic Modern Molecular Ceiling Pendant Light

Modern lighting themes incorporate very limited fixtures in very specific areas of the home. This is done so in an attempt to accentuate the lighting in itself. Appropriately termed as, accent lighting. Such a theme would include placing lamps on shelves or fixtures in particular areas.

The goal here is to give each room it’s particular lighting and in turn, individuality. Hence, modern lighting themes are perfect if you’re looking to channel in that lake side country home while living in the big city.


The sort of lighting that you choose can impact the overall theme of your living space considerably. Homeowners think of lighting last, if not at all, when coming up with the general theme. What they miss in hindsight is the fact that the lighting theme is itself what gives the room that spark of uniqueness.

This list of six of the most well-thought out and creative themes are enough to get you started on your creative and personal journey for making any room give out your personality.

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