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All You Need to Know About the Latest Trends in Pendant Lamp Designs

With the new decade in its bloom, it’s important to keep tabs on the latest and upcoming home design, interior and décor trends. After all, it is the beginning of a new era – and this calls for a whole new house-look!

Whether you’ve just moved into your new place or are trying to redo your present home, it is important to keep in mind that your home makeover is absolutely incomplete without the latest and most unique pendant lights. 

Ready to give your home a glow up for the decade? Then check out all these latest trends in pendant lamp designs that you could choose from!

Geometric Styled Pendant Lamps

Source: Magnus Contemporary Style Geometric Hanging Lamp

Geometrics are your shortcut to creating an exquisitely modern feel in your home. With sharp edges and neat curves, the enigma of the angles really creates a unique, ultra-modern look in your home. In addition, the geometric pattern enhances the illumination from the pendant, which allows you to enjoy great lighting with a stylish pendant design.

Orb Styled Pendant Light Design


Source: Paolo Eye Catching Elegant Chic Pendant Lamp

Chic, elegant and graceful, the orb styled pendant lamp is the all new vogue of the 2020 decade. Its simplicity complements its edgy look, making it the perfect pendant lamp for those with a brave heart and a soft soul. It creates the ideal illumination for multiple tasks including working, studying or just relaxing. So you don’t really need particular spot to install this in – it looks beautiful wherever you install it!

Eyeball Shaped Pendant Light

Source: Gelsomina Contemporary Eyeball Shaped Pendant Light

The latest in fashion, the eyeball shaped pendant lamps have gained heat because of their heavy and bulky shape that adds a decorated look to any plain or rather simple area of your house. Yet, the sleekness of the lamp, along with the creamy and seamless exterior of the lamp, adds a unique look to your home interior. Whether adorned as a solo piece or installed in pairs, the eyeball shaped pendant lamp trend has become the staple for all those home owners that want to keep their lifestyles stylish!

Umbrella Inspired Pendant Lamp

Source: Massima Vintage Scalloped Umbrella Shade Pendant Lamp

The umbrella inspired pendant lamp is the perfect way to make a fashion statement! With its creative ends, its expansive folds (which don’t really fold in this case!) and its overturned bulb, this pendant lamp can be used not only as a style statement but also for other purposes. If you are look for a way to naturally incorporate this trendy pendant lamp into your home interior, then consider the top of your dining table of the corner of your living room. 

The Edison Pendant Lamps

Source: Parthenios Black Matte Industrial Vintage Pendant Light

Trending as the “Edison Pendant Lamp”, this light has an easily recognizable bulb in the center, which is a duplicate of the first bulb invented by Edison. What makes this pendant lamp so desirable is the yellow filament in the center of the bulb, which creates a gorgeous golden hue. If there’s any lamp that could recreate the “golden hour glow” in the slightest way, then it is hands down the Edison Pendant Lamps. Add this beautiful piece to the top of your kitchen island or install them in the booths at your café for the perfect look!

The Trinity Styled Pendant Lamps

Source: Torberta Triple Pine Cones Pendant Lamps

Three’s a charm, isn’t it? Well with the Trinity Inspired pendant lamps there is no denying! With sleek and creamy exterior, soft and cone-shaped structure and wooden cap furnishing, this trio of pine cones pendant lamp has become the talk of the fashion town! Whether you are trying to create a themed children’s bedroom, a cutesy vibe in a low-key coffee place or a hip, instagrammable corner in your home, this is the perfect choice of pendant lamps for you!

Blown-In Glass Pendant Lamp

Source: Huldaru Contemporary Sophisticated Smoked Glass Pendant 

Blown or commonly known as “smoked” glass pendant lamps are a home interior essential for professional designers. Especially for this decade, these pendant lamps have become the new hype (and rightly so!) for their gloomy glow effect. The tinted, blown-in glass creates a unique throw-off shade, which creates a beautiful illumination in your home interior. Add this stunning piece to your home interior and elevate the beauty of your home!

Vintage Pendant Lamps 

Source: Lovise Sleek Vintage Barn Style Pendant Lamp

Vintage is the new aesthetic. Whether you seek inspiration from Instagram pages or Pinterest, you’ll find a great many pages dedicated to creating the perfect, vintage verve in home décors. So if you’re passionate for the past, fanatic for the times forgone, and wish to recreate some semblance of the times bygone in your current home, then get your hands on 2020’s favorite, vintage pendant lamps! Not only are they designed to maintain sturdiness and stability, but these lamps are also creates to cast maximum light. As a result, you’ll always have the perfect balance of lighting in your home.

No-Strings-Attached Minimalist Pendant Lights

Source: Sigurd Creative Minimalist Contemporary Pendant Lamp

Last but not the least, the most popular of all the trending pendant lamps of the 2020 decade is the No-Strings-Attached, minimalist pendant lamps! Designed in a seamless manner, which creates an illusion of no-strings, this minimalist pendant lamp is unique, messy and marvelous. It is the perfect choice of lamps for homeowners looking for a soft glow or a focused illumination. What makes this a striking yet fascinating addition to your home interior is its creative and innovative take on pendant lamps!


It is no secret that pendant lamps are quite the “superstars” when it comes to lighting and home interior & décor. They are available in a variety of styles, shapes and structures, which makes them perfect for your home décor. So if you’re trying to revamp your home or notch it up a little, don’t forget to add the trending pendant lamps to your home. 

Of course, finding the perfect pendant lighting for your home is a whole other ordeal. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Visit our website at to shop the latest and trendiest pendant lights for your home décor!