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Decorative Lightings: All You Need to Know

Decorative Lightings All You Need to Know

Decorative lighting elements: floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling lights, and pendant lights, are lighting solutions that are meant for exhibition. Traditional lighting, on the other hand, are better suited for architectural backdrop and provide illumination. But they’re more tell than show.

Decorative lighting solutions are arguably the future of lighting design. 

Decorative Lights – The Future of Your Home Lights

Marble interior with aesthetic pendant lamp

In this image: Beverlye Long Pole Pendant Lamp

Decorators strongly advocate for decorative lighting elements in every corner of your home – they combine form with function by illuminating the space and looking great while they do it! 

However, there is some ambiguity when it comes to decorative lighting, there are a few questions you might ask: 

  • Are they as durable as traditional lights? 
  • Are they well-suited for every room? 
  • And is the cost-benefit ratio worth it?

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers!

Are They As Durable As Traditional Lights?

Crystal drop chandelier

Source: Pexels, Ashwin Alok

Traditional lighting elements, that include overhead lights, table lamps, standing lights, and pendant lights are often given precedence over decorative lighting elements because of one reason – people don’t have faith in decorative lighting! It’s similar to the good dinner set that’s locked away, only to be used when guests are over. That is, people tend to believe that decorative lights are only used for show.

When it comes to decorative lighting, the biggest misconception anyone can have is that they focus solely on design. Without the fancy crystals, the decorative lamp shades, and the pizzaz – decorative lighting elements are useless. Right?

You couldn’t be more wrong! Sure, decorative lights are known primarily for their form and not for their functionality, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do both!

Take the classic chandelier as an example, a staple of a mid-Victorian aesthetic. Chandelier’s have managed to make it into the twenty-first century not just because they’re great to look at, but also because they’ve successfully managed to function without a glitch for centuries!

That’s right, centuries! Chandeliers have seen it all and they wouldn’t have made it this far had they just been for show.

Decorative lighting elements are:

  • Durable,
  • Functioning, and
  • Decorative

Decorative Lighting For Every Aesthetic

Contemporary warm lighting

In this image: Lorens Modern Wavy Parchment Pendant Light

Traditional lighting elements do not require much afterthought – you buy a table lamp and call it a day! Decorative lighting, on the other hand, requires a little more thought. These lighting elements can make or break the overall aesthetic of your living space.

Let’s say you’re decorating a modern-contemporary living space, but you have a lava lamp in the background, a few table lamps, and an overhead ceiling light. Naturally, your eyes will wander towards the element that seems out of place. In this case, the viewer will be completely thrown off by the lava lamp.

Similarly, having a mid-century chandelier in an otherwise industrial aesthetic living room would be unfair to you, your aesthetic, and the chandelier!

Sounds like a hassle, doesn’t it? Well, don’t worry. There’s a decorative light out there for everyone!

  •  Modern-Contemporary: Wooden-finished pendant light
  • Industrial: Iron, bare-backed standing lights
  • Mid-Century Modern: Crystal chandelier
  • Rustic: Wooden-finished chandelier

Decorative Lighting Isn’t Daunting

Geometrical wall light fixture

In this image: Ingmar Modern Scandinavian Polygonal Ceiling Light

Moving into a new home can be daunting enough as it is already without having to worry about which lighting elements go best with the rest of your furniture. But don’t worry, you don’t have to travel far and wide in search for the perfect lighting solution for your lighting needs.

Just visit us at Light Vault! Our catalog features an extensive selection of decorative lighting elements that are categorized based on type and aesthetic – it doesn’t get any simpler than this!

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Types of Decorative Lighting:

Floor Lights – Fusing Style with Functionality 

Modern decor with floor lamp

In this image: Jokum Geometric Shape Modern Floor Lamp

Floor lighting is incredibly versatile – you can place them in any corner of the home and make them work as task lights. The reading corner was a popular display element in most interior decorator magazines and every living room featured such a corner. 

A mainstay for the reading corner was the floor lamp. To make their exhibits more unique, decorators began to focus on the floor lamp – particularly the lamp shade. Lamp shades were easy to switch out, were cost-effective, and versatile. 

Up until now, the only decorative lighting element that had its moment in the sun was the crystal chandelier – an extravagant element. Now homeowners had a more cost-effective way to decorate their homes with lighting solutions.

That is, by switching to colorful lampshades in different patterns, shapes, and such. 

Pendant Lights – The Most Versatile Decorative Lights

Wooden style pendant lamp

In this image: Radcliff Wooden Claw Pendant Lamp

Pendant lights are lighting fixtures that hang from the ceiling or from a base attached to the ceiling. They’re reverse nightstands that incorporate a variety of different shades, coverings, and go well with any aesthetic and in any room. Pendant lights are arguably the best example of what a homeowner can achieve via decorative lighting. 

You can incorporate these lighting fixtures into any room such as the living room, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, and even the kitchen. There are also several examples of pendant lights being re-used. You switch out the shades in different pendant lights or alter the number of lights on a stand and you practically have a new light source!

Are Decorative Lights Worth It?

Antique inspired chandelier

Source: Pexels, Sami Aksu

The only argument against decorative lighting is cost – a lighting element that features a unique design will invariably cost more than a traditional light bulb. However, the is more of an investment. 

How so? Decorative lighting serves dual purposes: You can incorporate them into the living space as lighting elements and decorative elements. 

Decorative lighting elements are therefore worth the price. And, to their advantage, not every decorative light has a steep price point. 

At Light Vault we understand your lighting needs. We also understand that everyone’s looking for the best deal for their buck. This is why our products are competitively priced. And we offer several different varieties of lighting fixtures, stands, and elements that can fit any budget!

Lighting the Way into Future 

Decorative lighting is the future of lighting solutions. Homeowners are keen on making good use out of every aspect in their living space – this includes lighting sources. At Light Vault, we feature several varieties of lighting solutions that fit every aesthetic. 

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