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Design Guide: Creating An ‘Earthy’ Home Feel with Lightings

Design Guide Creating An 'Earthy' Home Feel with Lightings

Decorating your living space sounds like a fun idea, an empty room at your disposal. However, interior decorating is a painstaking process! You need to choose:

  • A theme
  • Pick out a color palette
  • Budget and buy the items 

And several other requisites for decorating any living space. 

Luckily, we’ve rummaged through several expert displays, columns, and interviews to compile one, comprehensive design guide. We’ll be talking about all the ways you can transform your home into an earthy living space – with a particular focus on how to achieve feng shui using lighting hacks.

Let’s get started!

11 Ways to Create an Earthy Home Feel with Lights

  • Use Recyclable Materials

Aesthetic light with recycled material

Source: Pexels, Valeria Boltneva

Nothing says earthy quite like recycled materials. Re-using bits and pieces of discarded items to create something new, useful, and artful benefits our living space and the environment. At its very essence, an earthy interior is one wherein everything is sourced from ethical, reusable, and conservative sources. 

How can you use recycled materials? There are several ways:

  • Give life to empty or dried up paint cans by using them to home potted plants. 
  • Re-use old lampshades over fixtures and standing lights. 
  • Recycle wood from discarded tables and chairs by incorporating them in DIY projects.
  • Stitch old t-shirts into cushions and throw-pillows.

The world is your oyster when it comes to re-using old materials into fun DIY projects for a brand-new living space. 

  • Go With Earthy Color Schemes

Bedroom with green hues

Source: Pexel, Julie Aagaard

Every aesthetic has a color scheme complementary to it as mentioned below.

  • Vintage Aesthetic

Vintage aesthetic features more gold adornments and brown embellishments with white furnishings. 

  • Contemporary Designs

Contemporary designs feature bold color schemes.

  • Modern Designs

Modern designs feature brown and beige colors, and so on. 

Color schemes are key to composing an aesthetic. 

  • Tips For Striking the Perfect Color Scheme Balance

Earthy-looking living spaces incorporate lots of green, with slight undertones of blue, yellow, brown, and white. Green acts as the primary or the base color of the space, with other colors being featured as adornments to brighten up the space. 

If you’d prefer color schemes that aren’t as bright, yet still earthy, you could always go for grays and beiges. 

Gray is reminiscent of metals and beige alludes to natural wood. Both colors combined give an earthy aesthetic a more sophisticated outlook. Plus, grays and beiges pair incredibly well with each other and with pops of brighter colors.

  • Natural Lighting

Natural light and pendant lamp

Source: Pexels, Thorn Yang

Nothing screams earthy quite like natural light. Lighting experts can all agree over the fact that there’s no alternative to natural lighting. The only drawback, however, is that natural lighting is time-dependent – the sun can shine for a few hours every day. 

Balance Natural with Artificial Lights

The key is to balance natural lighting with artificial lighting. Incorporate large, arched windows in your space, but also include artificial lights as required. To make the most use out of both lighting elements, incorporate dimmers. 

Why Incorporate Dimmers?

This way you’ll be able to soak in as much natural lighting as you can. Adjust the dimmers as required when the sun starts to set. Go from dimly lit artificial lights and maximum natural lights to dim light coming from outside and brighter artificial lights. 

  • Step Up with Greenery

Cozy and green sitting space

Source: Pexels, Valeria Boltneva

It’s one thing to add green elements into your living space – that’s mostly an ode to the color and not the green lifestyle. To truly live the green life, you’ll have to add as much natural greenery as you can inside your living space. We’re talking about homing several potted plants. 

  • Greens – The Cons

The only downside to having houseplants is having to water them every so often. Plus, a bit of regular maintenance. 

  • Greens – The Pros

Having plants around your house immediately gives your space a facelift. houseplants brighten any living space, fresh flowering plants spread fragrant scents throughout the room, and fresh herbs can help garnish meals.

Potted plants don’t solely belong on a porch or a patio – you can bring them inside and place them in your living room, in the dining room, the bathroom, or the kitchen. They’re versatile in their use, work in any corner of the house, and have a ton of benefits to back them up. 

Who wouldn’t want a houseplant?

  • Using Different Materials

Modern sitting space with pendant light

Product in Image: Ulla Scandinavian Concrete Geometric Pendant Light

Contrary to popular belief, an earthy living space doesn’t solely incorporate wooden materials. If anything, wooden materials are more so incorporated into modern aesthetics. Earth-loving themes incorporate every material imaginable. It makes sense – the theme is to resource whatever can be sourced through nature. 

This includes:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Minerals
  • Crystals
  • Ceramics
  • And all other naturally sourced materials

Earth-loving aesthetics typically feature these materials in their raw forms – not necessarily raw minerals, but rugged architecture and furnishings.

Are you stumped on how to incorporate an earthy-looking and rugged lighting solution in your space? Don’t worry, Light Vault’s got you covered. Our catalog features something for everyone – including wooden pendant lights and industrial lights that complement earthy aesthetics. 

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  • Layered Rugs

Layered rugs and comfortable seats

Source: Pexels, Keegan Checks

Here’s a design tip for homeowners who can’t seem to choose between two rugs for one room – use them both! Layering rugs on top of one another seems like an unconventional decorative choice but makes living spaces look earthier. How so? This design tip works best with rugs and carpets of different shapes, colors, and especially materials.

Again, earthy homes are an ode to the various resources found in nature. The best way to showcase your love for mother nature in your home is by adding materials found in nature in a way that they mesh with one another. 

  • Lay Off Ambient Lights

Glass grill pendant light

Product in Image: Majken Glass Grill Pendant Light

General illumination is important for several, obvious reasons. However, there are different types of illumination, and when you’re trying to incorporate an earthy aesthetic into your living space, you might want to lay-off over-using ambient lights. 

  • Pro-tip – Avoid Ambient Lights

Why? Ambient lights provide all-over illumination via an artificial light source. While artificial and natural lighting go together, earth-loving aesthetics tend to focus more on the latter. You can’t get rid of every artificial light source in your home, but your best bet at making the space ‘one with nature’ is to focus less on ambient lights and more on alternative lights. 

For example, incorporate task lights in different areas of the room, use single pendant lights instead of multiple, and use decorative lighting where possible – bonus points for using them to accentuate earthy decorative ornaments. 

However, it is important to understand that you’ll still need a main light source, that is an over-heading ambient light source. You’ll just have to use it sparingly. 

Use general illumination when you need it, and other lighting elements when you’re in the mood to be in touch with nature – within the comfort of your home!

  • Know Where to Splurge

Frosty glass with wood hanging lamp

 Product in Image: Acey Frosted Glass With Wood Pillars Hanging Lamp

Earthy aesthetics have a reputation for being cheap – that’s a misconception. While earth-loving homeowners are looking for sustainable adornments and options for their living space, they know where to splurge. For example, the planters in their living space might be made from recycled materials, but the lighting fixture in their living room is high-quality. 

Like all other aesthetics, the earthy aesthetic works well when everything is kept in balance. Balance budget items with splurged ones – recycled planters and high-quality lighting fixture. Generally, incorporate high-quality fixtures mixed with DIY or recycled ornaments that can be moved from one space to the other.

  • Minimal Decoration

Contemporary arc floor lamp

Product in Image: Mynte Contemporary Arc Floor Lamp

Earthy aesthetics focus more on the materials and less on the adornments. Which is why decorators advise against using too many decorative elements in an earthy aesthetic living space. Materials can be aptly displayed through a handful of elements. The key here is to showcase the aesthetic, and not overpower it.

After all, what could be earthier than reducing waste? 

Wondering what to keep and what to dish? How about investing in a top-of-the-line chandelier that makes your living space chic, classy, and earthy? The perfect trifecta! We’ve got just the right chandelier at Light Vault. Our catalog features several other designs to choose from – visit our website for more information.

  • Mix and Match Macrame 

Macrame sitting space

Source: Pexels, Neha

Macrame is an interesting material to work with – it’s easy, classy, and earthy! A growing number of living spaces incorporate macrame designs such as pillowcases, throw pillows, rugs, and wall-hangings. 

While there are several macrame decorative pieces to choose from, the best part about the material is that it can be used in several hand-made projects – and then re-used too!

Macrame has made its name in the interior designing world with decorators advocating more and more every day for it. Incorporate the earthy material into your home by placing a few pillows, rugs, or wall-hangings around your home. 

  • Mirrors to Bounce Light Around

Decorative wall mirrors

Source: Pexels, Rachel Claire

Large mirrors are a keepsake in any home that’s based on an earthy aesthetic. They make the living space look larger, classier, and earthier! Large mirrors strategically placed around the room can bounce light off from each other and give the illusion of a larger living space.

Finding The Best Lighting Solutions!

At Light Vault, we understand that everyone has different aesthetic goals. Our lightings catalog features lighting solutions based on every aesthetic such as modern, contemporary, vintage, and earthy! From funky pendants to classy table lamps, and task lights that help you out to decorative lights that can accentuate corners of the living room – every lighting need has a lighting solution at Light Vault!