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Designing Your Home Office Interior – How To Add Sparks To Your Office Design?

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” – Steve Jobs


Your home office is your work-space – the place where you channel your creativity, foster your intellect, harness your ideas and set out on your journey to excellence. According to Steve Jobs’ quote, not everyone is used to an environment where excellence is expected. And if you feel that your home office hinders you from becoming a yardstick of quality, then it’s time you change it.

You can only grow so much in a particular space. Sometimes, you need a change of your surroundings in order to feel renewed on the inside. When it comes to your creativity, changing your home office becomes imperative – this is the space you’re supposed to give your best at!

Hold on – are you short on ideas?

Do you feel like you have a vision but don’t know what to do with it?

Are you trying to add some fun sparks in your dull and ordinary-looking home office?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

In this guide, we’ll be giving you the trending home office décor ideas that are easy to use, original-looking and budget friendly. 

Idea #1: Vintage is Always Cool

Remember, if there’s one thing that NEVER goes out of fashion, it is the trend of the past. Any time you want inspiration, go old-school and create a vibe of antiquity. Not only will you end up looking all-knowing, but it will also add a creatively grunge look to your home office interior, making it a cool and classy place to work and hang out at.

*Pro Tips

  • Invest in a dark wood, heavy table 
  • Get a shelf filled with books that have worn-out covers
  • Buy a classy, heavy-looking chair with a long and wide headrest 

Idea #2: Minimize Your Clutter  

One of the best ways to improve your creativity and create space for your growth is by de-cluttering your work space. Apart from eliminating unnecessary items lying around the house, you should also focus on organizing your important things with style. This will give your current home office interior a whole new look!

*Pro Tips

  • Invest in sleek and trendy shelves that hide your important clutter
  • Get office file stackers – your paperwork will be extremely organized 
  • Buy cute yet classy accessories for your work desk that can also function as stationary holders 

Idea #3: Splash Some Color 

Source: Pinterest

Colorful office space with a bright work desk

Do you feel that your office space is too boring?

Are you essentially a creative person?

Well, then get colorful around!

The best part about decorating your home office interior is that it is inside your own home – you can do whatever you like with it. No one will stop you from being too colorful or too plain – it’s all yours to play around with.

*Pro Tips

  • Drench your office walls in a bright shade of your favorite color… and go bold!
  • Adorn the empty walls with vibrant and interesting art works that resonate with you
  • Change the rugs or doormats after every 3-6 months to maintain hygiene as well as to give your home office interior a fresh look

Idea #4: Take the Minimalist Approach


You might think that being a minimalist is the same as de-cluttering. While de-cluttering is the first step of this process, it isn’t the only one. De-cluttering usually means reorganizing your things in a way where all the mess doesn’t look messy. However, you don’t necessarily have to get rid of your things, you can just hide them in one of your shelves or behind a little curtain.

On the other hand, minimalism is a lifestyle. Not only does it incorporate contemporary equipment, but it also endorses a minimal approach to appearances. In laymen terms, it is the opposite of the “extra” trend. 

A lot of people deal with anxiety due to “too much stuff around.” If you’re one of those people, then minimalism could be a lifelong philosophy for you!

*Pro Tips

  • Get rid of everything that isn’t absolutely essential for your productivity – minimalism in your office can take a utilitarian turn
  • Try to find software substitutes for all your hardware or paperwork… this will help you minimize your paper consumption
  • Invest in pendant ceiling lights – they offer efficient illumination and keep your desk free of a standby lamp. You can find a vast collection of pendant ceiling lamps at Light Vault

Idea #5: Add Flora & Fauna 

Whether your home office interior is designed in a minimal style or with vibrant colors, the best way to ornament it is through flora and fauna. If you don’t necessarily like to add decorative items such as pen holders or paper stack gemstones, then infuse nature in your work space.

By adding flora and fauna in your office interior, not only will you be prettying it up your office space but you will also be improving your mental health, productivity level and overall mood. As you ornament your work space with flora and fauna, you’ll surround yourself with fresh air, which will improve your oxygen levels, blood circulation and overall mood. 

In this way, your productivity performance will be top-notch, you’ll get your work done on time, and you’ll feel more than satisfied with your overall output. 

*Pro Tips

  • The easiest way to infuse flora and fauna in your work space is by getting pre-grown plants from your nearest florist
  • Add a vase and place/ replace it with fresh flowers on alternate days
  • Keep rose, lime or lavender scented candles around you for a soft glow, warm and cozy feeling, and a delicious overall fragrance surrounding your home office 

When it comes to your home office space, it’s imperative to take care of your needs. Make sure that whatever you do to give your home office a makeover, it represents your personality and gives your creativity a constant boost!

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