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Eco-Friendly Home Décor: Sustainable Interior Design for a Greener Space

Eco-Friendly Home Décor Sustainable Interior Design for a Greener Space

We live in a world where people don’t care about the environment or the resulting consequences of polluting our Earth. But you can be the change! You can take an initiative! 

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry we will help you out. In this blog, you will learn about the different ways in which you can embrace eco-friendly practices that’s way beyond just recycling and reducing waste. Learn more about the tips and ideas for incorporating eco-friendly home décor in your living space. 

Choose Sustainable Materials

We all know that sustainability maintains the health of the environment. It creates a safer and productive environment. Choose material that promotes little waste and more resource conservation. Some sustainable material options include:

  • Bamboo

Bamboo is an affordable, sustainable and excellent construction material alternative to hardwood. It can be used for flooring, furniture, and even designing. 

Bamboo house                        

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  • Recycled Materials

Recycling is important as there is less waste produced. You can recycle materials for various aspects of your décor, such as glass, aluminum, wood, plastic and paper. This way you can save energy and production. 

  • Organic Fabrics

Compared to other materials, organic fabrics such as cotton, hemp, or linen are environmentally-friendly. They do not have any harsh chemicals making them safer for the environment. 

Organic fabric     

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Optimize Energy Efficiency

Remember, we were helping our planet by being more energy efficient, right? Then we have to take care of all the things such as incorporating energy-efficient lighting rather than traditional old bulbs. Take the following into consideration: 

  • LED Lighting

LED lights have less energy consumption and are long-lasting. They’re perfect for your home be it ceiling lights, table lamps or overhead fixtures. 

Product in Image: Gudrun Round Contemporary Creative Ceiling Light

  • Natural Light

Instead of only depending on artificial lights, maximize  natural light in your house to save electricity consumption. Moreover, natural light increases productivity and performance. 

  • Smart Home Technology

Use smart devices that can be controlled through remotes or phones. Install sensor lights that turn off once you leave the premises. Invest in daylight harvesting. 

Repurpose and Upcycle

Nothing goes to waste if you make the most out of it. So why not save your money and energy? Repurpose and upcycle items to bring them back to life and reduce waste. This is a creative way of utilizing your resources and adding your own touch to them. Some upcycling ideas include:

  • Vintage Furniture

Transform your vintage furniture by painting or adding new touches to it. Create your unique piece that’s one of a kind. Best part is that it’s 100 percent DIY. 

  • Mason Jars

Mason jars are excellent for decorating. They can be used as vases, storage containers and hanging ornaments. 

Mason jars 

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  • Plastic Bottles

Use plastic bottles to plant trees in them. This is a creative way of decorating and being eco-friendly to the environment. 

Embrace Biophilic Design

Our life revolves around technology and electronic gadgets. We work on the computer, we use smartphones, we use all sorts of machines in our daily life. So why not connect to nature in this world of technology and incorporate biophilic design? By creating a soothing and sustainable environment you can tune yourself in with nature and feel more productive. Some ways to do this include:

  • Indoor Plants

Use indoor plants in your home to purify air, relieve stress, promote recovery and increase productivity. Not only this but it also adds beauty to the house.

Indoor plants 

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  • Natural Materials

Integrate natural materials such as bamboo, stone, wood, or clay in your house. This can be done through the furniture, flooring, kitchen worktops etc.  

  • Art Pieces 

Create an art wall by adding paintings and pictures of flowers, forest, rising sun or anything that reminds you of nature. This allows you to feel more connected to nature.

Art pieces   

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Reduce Waste with Minimalism

We humans tend to focus on things we don’t have rather than things we do, right? This way we end up not being grateful enough to appreciate what we have. Adopting a minimalist mindset for not just home décor but life in general allows you to save time, energy and your money. Moreover, it reduces waste and enhances your creativity through reuse of material.. Some tips for incorporating minimalism into your décor include:

  • Declutter

Take your time and do thorough cleaning. Get rid of the things that are of no use and instead save space for things you need. 

  • Quality Over Quantity

Always value quality over quantity as it leads to a more meaningful and fulfilling life. High quality items will bring you durability and sustainability. 

  • Multifunctional Furniture

Make good use of multi storage furniture that allows more space for your necessary items. Using under-bed storage, sofa come bed, convertible sleeper chair etc. are good options. 

Multifunction furniture 

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Eco-Friendly Flooring

To build a beautiful home, one must know how important it is to pay attention to the flooring. What better way is there than to use eco-friendly flooring materials that are made from sustainable resources? For your interior design consider the following eco-friendly flooring choices:


Cork is an insulator which means it provides natural warmth to the floor. It is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees. 


The class and beauty of wood flooring is ever-lasting. It is highly durable and resistant to everyday damage. It adds character and a unique charm to your interior. 

Wood flooring     

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Recycled Carpet

Recycled carpets are recycled with materials that aren’t toxic as compared to traditional carpets. This is a great way of incorporating eco-friendly flooring in your home. 


With eco-friendly home décor, not only will you adopt sustainable practices, you’ll also create a warm and ambient living space. You’ll be able to optimize energy efficiency, which will lower your carbon impact in the long-run.

In addition, an eco-friendly home décor will enable you to recycle, repurpose and become minimalist. So let sustainable practices guide your life – not just in your daily habits but also in your home décor!

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