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How To Create Insta-worthy Spots In Your Little Home

As cities grow larger and more populated, it’s an accepted fact that property prices rise and houses seem to get smaller and smaller. Yet, how do instagram influencers seem to always be able to find that nifty spot in their homes to take such amazing looking photos? How do we create insta-worthy spots across our ever-shrinking homes? In recent years, we’re also seeing a brand new trend: compact-sized homes with simple yet aesthetically designed rooms are all over Instagram. These tiny, unique, and charming little dwellings are all blessing our IG feeds with their perfect interiors. Dreaming of an insta-worthy house makeover this 2020? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll give you a few tips to transform your tiny space into an instagram-perfect corner. Let’s get started!

1. Harness the Power of Good Lighting

Ask any photographer and they’ll agree that lighting is one of the most important factors in creating a good photo. No matter how well-designed and perfectly adorned your space is, without some good lighting, it will never look as good.


Good Lighting for instagram photoshoot

Photo by Daniil Silantev

When taking photos, remember to open windows and doors, pull back curtains and raise the blinds. According to experts, the best light for shots is morning and midday light. For best results, we also highly recommend buying decorative lighting pieces. Stylish lighting fixtures and lamps can easily transform any room. A light-filled room can highlight all the beautiful colors of your furniture. You can also use this technique to find location for your instagrammable corners such as window-adjacent reading nooks or workspaces. 

2. Incorporate Fresh Flowers and Plants Into Your Space

Plants are a no brainer and you’ve probably seen them in some of the best interiors on Instagram. Living subjects like flowers and plants can give life to an otherwise boring photo, so make sure you adorn your space with a few of them. 

Fresh Flowers and Plants for instagramming

Photo by Tucker Good 

Just a simple potted succulent or orchids in a vase can transform any corner. Floor plants, hanging plants, plants in glass jars, cute artsy pots and more. You can even go crazy and create an indoor jungle and it’ll still look good! But more than just Instagram stars, plants and flowers can also benefit your home. Studies have found that certain plants can improve the air quality around your home. Plus, they’ll have mood-boosting effects that can transform your dull day. Plants literally breathe life into your room. 

3. Decorate Your Table and Shelves with Books and Magazines 

What better way to decorate your space than books and magazines. We might have reached the era of digital media where most of our daily readings are found on the internet—but there’s nothing more classy as a home with a collection of books. Aside from making you look “well-read”, books can add little pops of color in your spaces. They’re also the perfect detail to add in your bare coffee tables. 

Decorating shelves and table with books and magazines for instagramming

Photo by Marie Rösner 

When decorating your corner with books, pay attention to the color. Although you don’t need to create a rainbow, you can start by stacking the same colors together. Putting books of the same color side by side together will create a real visual impact and a space that’s neat and curated. 

4. Organize Your Shelving Units 

Who doesn’t love a home with tidy shelves? Shelves are some of the huge furniture pieces that can easily draw your attention. In photos, they look simply attractive especially when displayed in a clutter-free room. You can make your shelves look even better by adding plants, trophies, vases, candles, and other decorative items. Just don’t overdo it and crowd your shelves with too much stuff. 

Organize Your Shelving Units for instagram shoot

Photo by Allie Smith 

If you’re arranging a cluttered kitchen shelf, try to use glass jars as storages for dry goods instead of keeping stuff in their purchased containers. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, glass jars can be used over and over again. Once everything is organized by size and color, your shelves are now ready for Instagram. 

5. Add Artworks on Bare Walls 

The key to a picture-perfect selfie backdrop? A wall of art! There’s no better way to make your feed look creative and charming than by posting pictures of your home’s artsy wall. 

Artwork on bare walls

Photo by Manja Vitolic 

So if you wish to improve your room’s overall look, invest in some artwork. Abstract paintings look especially good with modern furniture. Colorful artworks are great in living rooms and study rooms. Art with meaning is best placed in entrances or reading nooks. If you’re gifted with some art skill, you can also do a DIY art project! There are lots of easy to do art project tutorials on Youtube and the Internet that you can get inspiration from. Artworks can also be replaced for patterned wallpapers or gallery postcards. 

P.S. If you’re choosing a piece of art, make sure you actually like it and it suits your home and personality. 

6. Pay Attention To The Little Details 

The secret to designing the best aesthetic space is in the details. A sofa won’t look as instagrammable unless you add stylish throw pillows and a faux fur rug. A coffee table won’t look as good without magazines stacked on them or a little fish bowl. A reading nook won’t look as cozy without a sleek floor lamp in the corner. 

Little details for instagramming

Photo by John Mark Arnold 

Anything can look insta-worthy when you know how to style it in the most aesthetic way. Similarly, details can also change the interior dramatically. Accents such as mirrors can create illusions of a bigger space if you put it in the right place. Dim lightings can create a romantic and intimate atmosphere while knitted accents can make the room feel more warm and cozy. 


Creating an exquisite and well-designed home can be easy and cheap. By being smart about lighting, adding plants and flowers in your area, and simply highlighting beautiful details in your home, you can already take beautiful shots for Instagram. 

Bring your photography, home design, and Instagram skills to the next level by following the tips above. We hope this year you’ll be able to curate your feed with charming instagrammable photos of your home.