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Interior Designer’s Guide to Creating An Out-Of-This-World Kitchen

Interior Designer's Guide to Creating An Out Of This World Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen interior design, it’s important to realize that there’s a lot more than what meets the eye. Our perception of the redesign is limited to color schemes and decorations. While they hold a significant place for an interior designer or a homeowner – there are still other factors that have to be considered to create an out-of-this-world kitchen.

From getting the flow of the space to positioning appliances and from picking wallpapers to making the area functional – here’s an interior designers guide to creating an out-of-this-world kitchen:

Start with basic floor planning

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Before you awaken the artist within, you have to channel the architect. Start your redesign by considering the existing layout of the kitchen: what can you alter and what would you rather have been? Ask yourself the question: Is everything where I need it to be? 

Go over everything in your kitchen and consider how and where you use the different items and appliances. Whether it’s in a cabinet or on the work station, place everything conveniently. Do not clutter everything together, that’s just being lazy. Your kitchen might have an overall theme to it with making and having food, however, different areas can be designated specifically for different purposes. 

To put this into perspective, think of where you have your cereal boxes, bowls, and spoons. Instead of having to rummage through a cluttered cabinet for a bowl and another for a spoon, you could designate an area on your kitchen island as a breakfast station. Similarly, you could place plates, bowls, and utensils closer to the dishwasher and sink for your convenience. These are by no means laws – the only law here is convenience. 

Designing open plan kitchens

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Family kitchens or open plan kitchens often have the direction of traffic from the rest of the home leading into various other spaces. The kitchen is made to be easily accessible as a sort of a common ground for the entire family. Hence, nearly all kitchens lead to odd other rooms and overlook an open passage outdoors. This makes getting the layout of the kitchen just right to ward off unnecessary traffic.

Ideally, the layout is such that it stays in sync and looks natural. However, most homeowners prefer having the main working station away from the rooms thoroughfare for safety concerns. The floor plan of your kitchen is thus one through which all other members of the family can access adjoining areas and get their tasks done accordingly. While also maintaining enough sovereignty for you to get the cooking done without a hassle.

Create your budget

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The most important part of your kitchen remodel is the budget. It can be easy to lose track of the budget once you get your flow going. This will, quite literally, cost you greatly. Without a budget in place, you might find yourself spending a lot more than you should have. Ultimately, you might even find yourself with a half-done kitchen and not enough funds to carry on with the rest of it. 

It’s important to set up a realistic budget that balances needs with wants. It is important to do your homework before you allow anyone into your kitchen with a sled hammer. Once you start demolishing the existing framework, you wouldn’t have a fallback option. Hence, it’s always smart to research different kitchen design services and options. 

Go over local designers, online options and references from all around. There are a lot of hidden costs with renovations as well, make sure you know what you’re signing on for before you sign for it. Depending upon the scope of your project, you can also contact local contractors for quotes to get a better feel of the project and realign your budget accordingly. 

Choosing the right color

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Base the color of your kitchen cabinets on how you want the room to feel – the vibe. This usually comes down to the amount of light that your room receives. The perception of color falls upon several variables; the lighting is of the utmost importance. If you’re designing your kitchen overlooking a garden with a bay window, you have a lot of natural light coming in. Thus, light-colored cabinets would reflect light around back into darker parts of the room to make it appear larger. 

Similarly, you could introduce more vibrant colors to add personality to the room. However, most interior designers would advise strong caution before grabbing a tub of paint with something bright red or blue. Make sure the vibrant colors of the cabinet reflect well the other parts of the room. If you have a color scheme in mind, perfect. Work along those lines. 

Picking the right finish and design

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From high-gloss to mid-sheen down to matte. There are so many different types of finishes that you can choose from. This comes down to the style of your home. There are several styles; contemporary, modern, rustic and chic. Your finish reflects the style of your home. 

For example; contemporary homes usually pair well with high-gloss finishes, matte or mid-sheen whereas rustic and more traditional homes are usually accentuated with mid-sheen finishes. Similarly, the design of your cabinet has to work in coherence with other areas of the home. A more wooden cabinet design would be more rustic or even contemporary. Monotone designs with a matte finish can work better with modern home decor. 

Choosing the best worktop is equally as important. If you’re installing a high-gloss kitchen, introduce a warm texture such as wood or if your room has marble and modern design, introduce a modern elegant worktop to accentuate it. 

Make it or break it with the perfect lighting fixtures

Source: Ghita Modern Creative Bird Hanging Lamp

If there’s one thing that ties any room in the entire home, even your kitchen, together it’s a lighting fixture. The right kind of lighting fixture can make or break the entire design. Picking the right sort of lighting is important especially in kitchens where you need to find a balance between natural light and lighting fixtures. 

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Your home is your sanctuary and there’s a different vibe in every corner. Your bedroom is comforting, your living room is inviting and your kitchen is uplifting. With regards to the latter most, there are several ways in which you can redesign and, in effect, reinvent your kitchen altogether. 

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