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Lighting Design Ideas To Optimize Home Office Spaces

Lighting Design Ideas To Optimize Home Office Spaces

Are you one of those busy bees, permanently working from home post-COVID era?

If there’s one good thing that came out of COVID, it is flexibility. So many people around the globe have moved to working from home in the long-run or permanently because of its convenience, flexibility, cost-efficiency and ability to spend more time with their family. 

But creating a disciplined, office-like environment at home can be a challenge – especially when your bed looks all too comfy for an afternoon nap.

This is where a well-thought out lighting plan can save you! A well-designed home office needs to not only be aesthetically pleasing (you need your Instagram shots now, don’t you?), it also must be a place of structure. You need a place that nurtures productivity, comfort and discipline. And for that, you need to make sure your lighting game is spot-on!

With the proper lights in your home office space, you’ll be able to concentrate on your work and stay efficient. In addition, great lighting also reduces the impact on your eyes, eliminating any strain that could cause headaches later.

Whether you’re transitioning into an at-home office space or simply trying to improve your current one, you’ll discover a range of lighting design ideas in this guide to optimize home office spaces. Let’s scroll!

Incorporate Natural Lighting

If there’s one thing you should be mindful of, it is making the most of your natural resources. Natural lighting is the best source of light for several reasons – it improves your mood, enhances productivity and gives your body the much-needed exposure to sunlight. So make sure to optimize it for a healthy working environment.

Try positioning your work station near a window to utilize natural lighting. Make sure your desk is against the light so your computer screen isn’t impacted by the light’s glare. 

Of course you can’t just rely on natural lighting alone. Whether there is irregular or inadequate natural lighting, you need to make sure you have actual lighting fixtures offering further illumination and support. 

Layer Your Lighting 

To make sure your home office is well-lit and functional, layer your lighting. With different types of lights in your home office, you’ll create depth, radiance and flexibility in your workspace. Here are a few layering tips to consider: 

  • Ambient Lighting

For the base layer, invest in good ambient lighting for a complete, thorough illumination. Some great options for ambient lighting include ceiling-mounted fixtures like pendant lamps or recessed lights. 

Linnea Scandinavian Slender Wooden Round Ceiling Light

Product in Image: Linnea Scandinavian Slender Wooden Round Ceiling Light

  • Task Lighting

For all your focus-demanding work, you need to invest in task lighting. Incorporate a desk lamp that’s adjustable so you can redirect the source of lighting whenever you’re working. This will help you minimize any pressure on your vision. Place your lamp against your working area to avoid casting shadows. 

Erling Contemporary Streamlined Floor Lamp

Product in Image: Erling Contemporary Streamlined Floor Lamp 

  • Accent Lighting

Elevate the overall appeal of your home office with accent lights. Accent lighting adds visual interest and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your office. Consider using LED strip lights to highlight bookshelves, artwork or architectural features for a pleasant and comfortable ambiance. 

LED strip lights Image Source: Pinterest

Choose the Right Color Temperature 

Imagine having the perfect lights but they just make you feel too… relaxed? Or too… alert? When you’re looking for your home office’s lighting ideas, you want to make sure that the lights are meant to enhance productivity, not diminish it. This is why you need to take the color temperature into account.

Based on the nature of your work, choose the temperature of your lights:

  • Cool White (5000K-6500K): This is perfect for tasks that demand focus and concentration. Since cool white lights have the daytime effect, they promote productivity while keeping you alert. Incorporate this color temperature in spots where you need to read, type, write or work on any detailed tasks.

Surface Mounted LED Downlight Round

Product in Image: Surface Mounted LED Downlight Round

  • Warm White (2700K-3000K): Warm lights promote comfort and pleasure so they’re perfect for a relaxing spot in your home office. For times when you need to get your creative juices flowing, hold virtual meetings or brainstorm, warm white lights will be perfect!

Leif Elegant Water Patterned Glass Shade Wall Lamp

Product in Image: Leif Elegant Water Patterned Glass Shade Wall Lamp

Incorporate Dimmers and Smart Lighting 

With you spending most of your time in your home office, it is important for you to have full control over the ambiance. Make sure to incorporate dimmers or smart lighting solutions in your lighting layout so you can adjust the intensity. This will keep your working space comfortable and flexible.

A convenient way of making your busy life easier is to consider using voice recognizing smart lighting systems or smartphone controllers. These systems provide you with light adjusting, customizable lighting intensity and automated schedule features. 

Dimmer switch

Image Source: Pinterest 

Reduce Glare and Eye Strain 

Working on the computer for hours can lead to eye strain and headache but don’t worry – there are some ways of reducing glare and eye strain such as::

  • Position your computer monitor directly in front of you so the screen is perpendicular to the  eye level.
  • Furniture choice might seem irrelevant but plays a huge factor to reduce glare. In this case using matte finished tables of furniture is the best option. 
  • To avoid eye strain, use task lighting that illuminates only specific areas of your workspace without causing reflection. 

Make sure there is no shadow casting on your desk where you use your computer. 

Consider Energy Efficiency 

Create an eco-friendly and cost-effective home office by choosing energy-efficient lighting options:

  • LED Lights: If you’re looking for energy efficient, durable, long-lasting and better light quality then LED desk lamps, overhead fixtures and ceiling lights should be your priority. 

Gunhild Adjustable Industrial Minimalist Spotlight

Product in Image: Gunhild Adjustable Industrial Minimalist Spotlight

  • Motion Sensor Lighting: We all struggle with switching off the lights after leaving the premises. To be more energy-efficient, install monitor sensor lighting that automatically turns off after you leave the room.

Motion sensored lights   

Image Source: Pinterest 

  • Daylight Harvesting: Utilize daylight harvesting systems to only use the amount of electricity needed depending on the intensity of natural sunlight that’s already lighting your house. This ensures maximum energy saving. 

Beverlye Long Pole Pendant Lamp

Product in Image: Beverlye Long Pole Pendant Lamp


Making your work experience better requires effort such as incorporating natural lighting and  layering your lighting. In addition, choosing the right color temperature, incorporating dimmers and smart lighting are also important. More than that, you need to also have lighting solutions that reduce glare, and help you stay energy efficient. 

Make sure you incorporate these staple elements into your home office! By doing so, you will create a much more eco-friendly and productive environment which will maximize your productivity to the highest. 

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