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Lighting for Different Rooms: Illumination Ideas for Every Space in Your Home

Lighting for Different Rooms

 Are you a homeowner struggling to light up different rooms in your space?

Truth be told, every room in your home is different. Each room serves a different purpose. And this is why each room’s vibe and ambiance is different too! Think about it, don’t you feel productive in your home office space?

What about your bedroom? That’s where you relax and rejuvenate. The vibe is totally different from that of your study or home office space.

The interior design of each room has to be well-thought out and planned. When it comes to the overall décor of the different rooms in your home, your lighting fixture plays a crucial role to create the ideal atmosphere. With the right lighting fixtures, you can achieve functionality, aesthetic and atmosphere – all in one go.

If you’re struggling to find illumination ideas for different rooms in your home, then keep reading this guide for a complete blueprint.

Room By Room Illumination Guide for Your Home in Singapore

Room #1: The Living Room

Your living room area is the hub of all the hustle-bustle! Whether its casually entertaining your friends, watching some movies or enjoying a good book after a long day, you can do it all here. This is why it is important to have a warm, inviting and relaxing living room ambiance.

Make sure you strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality when choosing your lighting solution. Some of the options include:

  • Ambient Lighting: To make sure your living room has sufficient illumination, install chandelier or pendant lights as the main lighting source.

Arne Contemporary Cloud Shaped Featherlite Pendant Light

Product in Image: Arne Contemporary Cloud Shaped Featherlite Pendant Light

  •  Task Lighting: Make sure you leave some room for lighting staples such as table or floor lamps to add functionality in your living room space. These task lights are perfect for focused activities such as having a useful side-table or making a reading spot.

Aghethe Luxury Copper Nordic Desk Lamp

Product in Image: Aghethe Luxury Copper Nordic Desk Lamp 

  • Accent Lighting: Incorporate accent lights such as wall sconces or spotlights to enhance art, family portraits or architectural features of your home. This will add depth, intrigue and enigma to your living room space!

LED COB Track Light

Product in Image: LED COB Track Ligh

Room #2: Your Kitchen

When it comes to your kitchen, you want to make sure you optimize functionality. This is because all the chopping, cutting, slicing, peeling, measuring happens here – you need proper lighting for this space. Consider the following lighting ideas for your kitchen:

  •         Under-Cabinet Lighting: Incorporate LED strips under your cabinets to allow maximum illumination on your countertops for efficient kitchen work.

LED strip Lights for Kitchen                      

Image Source: Pinterest 

  •         Overhead Lighting: Add recessed lights or track lighting to create an ambiance across your kitchen for when you’re not quite working in there. Carefully place the lights to avoid casting shadows.  

Track Lights                

Image Source: Pinterest 

  •         Pendant Lights: Install pendant lamps over kitchen islands or dining tables to for an aesthetic appeal as well as functionality.

Roth Scandinavian Contemporary Conical Shaped Pendant Lamp

Product in Image: Roth Scandinavian Contemporary Conical Shaped Pendant Lamp 

Room #3: The Bedroom

The key to nailing your bedroom lights is to remember that this is a space to relax, unwind and just be carefree. You want to make sure you feel soothed, calm and de-stressed in your bedroom.

For your bedroom lighting solution, consider the following options:

  •         Soft Ambient Lighting: For an intimate setting, install dimmable ceiling lights or central pendant lamps with warm-toned bulbs.

Bedroom pendant lights                    

Image Source: Pinterest 

  •         Bedside Lighting: Your bedside lights are crucial for functionality in your bedroom. Make sure to incorporate wall-mounted sconces on your bedside area for soft, radiant lighting that offer functionality.

Pettersen Modern Spotlight Style Gilded Wall Light

Product in Image: Pettersen Modern Spotlight Style Gilded Wall Light

  •         Accent Lighting: Use LED strip lights to create a soft glow behind headboards or along the perimeter of the room, adding a touch of elegance and creating a cozy ambiance.

  Led Strip Lights for bedroom                  

Image Source: Pinterest

Room #4: The Bathroom

Don’t you ever wish your bathroom has that luxury hotel or relaxing spa vibe to it? Well you can achieve it with the right types of lighting fixtures! Just make sure to take functionality into account as well.

To effortlessly use your bathroom for grooming while enjoying a spa-like ambiance, here are some lighting options:

  •         Vanity Lighting: Install sconces or vanity lights on either side of the mirror for the maximum lighting while performing grooming tasks.

Britta Chic Rippled Shade Wall Lamp

Product in Image: Britta Chic Rippled Shade Wall Lamp 

  •         Ceiling Lighting: For a spa-like ambiance, make sure to install ambient lighting such as recessed lights or ceiling fixtures. Make sure you get dimmers to manage the intensity of the lighting and better control the overall mood.

Bruno Vintage Classic Style Ceiling Lamp

Product in Image: Bruno Vintage Classic Style Ceiling Lamp

  •         Accent Lighting: Incorporate LED strip lights around the perimeter of bathroom mirrors or behind floating vanities to add a touch of elegance and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.

LED Strip lights for bathroom                     Image Source: Pinterest 

Room #5: Your Home Office

In the home office, proper lighting is crucial for productivity, focus and reducing eye strain. For an efficient, top-of-the-game workspace, consider the following lighting options:

  •         Task Lighting: Get an adjustable desk lamp that offers focused lighting for reading, writing or working on a computer.

Task light for office        

Image Source: Pinterest 

  •         Ambient Lighting: For a general, well-lit ambiance throughout your home office, install recessed or track lights. These lights seamlessly enhance illumination throughout any space.

Gronar Vintage Gold Track Lights

Product in Image: Gronar Vintage Gold Track Lights

  •         Natural Light: If you’re working during the day from your home, make sure to benefit from natural lighting. Keep your desk against the window to allow the natural light to seep in. However, make sure you have proper window coverings or blinds to control glare and maintain a comfortable work environment.

Natural office lighting

Image Source: Pinterest 

Room #6: The Dining Room

For all your celebratory occasions, there’s one room that’s always waiting for you – your dining room! It’s where the crowd comes together, where birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated. Make sure your dining room is warm, inviting and a place full of energy for you and your guests. Here are a few lighting options for your dining room:

  •         Chandelier or Pendant Lights: Install a chandelier or a series of pendant lights above the dining table to serve as a focal point and provide ambient lighting.

Francesca Contemporary Clear Crystal Chandelier

Product in Image: Francesca Contemporary Clear Crystal Chandelier

  •         Dimmers: Use dimmer switches to control the intensity of your lights and set the mood according to the occasion.

Smart dimmers                       Image Source: Pinterest 

  •         Wall Sconces or Buffet Lamps: Add wall sconces or place buffet lamps on sideboards or shelves to add ambient lighting and create a cozy atmosphere.

Dagfinn Nordic Contemporary Table Lamp

Product in Image: Dagfinn Nordic Contemporary Table Lamp


Each room in your home has a special purpose. This is why it’s important to be careful when you’re browsing for the best lights in Singapore for your home.

At LightVault, you can browse through a vast array of lighting solutions to get the best ones for your room. So what’s your pick?