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The Complete Guide On Selecting Pendant Lights For Your Home


Do you love pendant lights?

Are you renovating your home interior?

Have you been trying to find the perfect pendant lights for your home?

We all want out homes to look their best. Whether you prefer a cozier and warmer feel or a more elegant, stylish and minimalistic touch, you want to make sure that your home looks picture-perfect.

Of course, you’re going to have a vision in your mind – a kind of aesthetic that you want to achieve – which, you can breathe life into through your home décor. 

In this guide, we will specifically be focusing upon pendant lights and the perfect way of choosing them for your home. 

Why Choose Pedant Lights?

To begin with, pendant lights are not only in-vogue, but they are also extremely convenient in usage. They are well-made, easy to fix and simply appealing to look at, which makes them a striking addition to your home interior. 

Some of the top reasons why you should choose pendant lights include:


One of the greatest advantages of adding pendant lights to home is that they are available in multiple shapes, styles and designs that go perfectly with the type of overall interior of your house. For instance, if your home has a cozy yet antique look, you can easily purchase a vintage-style pendant light. 

On the other hand, if you’re trying to decorate your children’s home, then you have the option for more playful and vibrant lighting options to choose from.


Another striking benefit of a pendant light is its multi-purposefulness. Whether you’re trying to set up a study room, illuminate your living room or decorate the dining hall, you can easily find a pendant light for each purpose. 


Compared to chandeliers, pendant lights are not only sleek and stylish, but they are also budget-friendly. Since pendant lights are affordable, you can easily install them in your home for decoration and lighting purposes. 

Pendant lights are useful for convenience, usage and festive purposes. Because of their multi-uses and their gorgeous structures, they’ve instantly gained reputation among home interior designers and decorators as the top styling piece for ornamentation.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s go into the detail of selecting pendant lights for your home. 

Choosing the Right Pendant Light for Your Home 

Now that you know the advantages for pendant lights, you are ready for your next step of DIY home decoration project – choosing your pendant lights. 

Of course, every area of your home requires a different type of lighting. For instance, you’d like to keep low-glow lighting in your bedroom to maintain an air of intimacy while on the other hand, the lighting in your home office area should be bright and brilliant.

Keeping in mind your aesthetic vision of your home along with the way you want to use this particular space, you can determine the pendant lights to be installed in your home.

Task Lighting

Task lighting are the pendant lights that illuminate a certain, specific area of your house which improves your working performance or functionality. When you choose pendant lights for task lighting, keep in mind the illuminating ability of the light as it supposed to boost your working ability, regenerate your attention and maintain your focus. 

Some of the top reasons why you may need task lighting in your home include:

  • Illuminating your kitchen area where you chop, cut, shred and do other necessary things to prepare meals
  • Brightening up your office area where you need to channel your undivided attention into mental activity
  • Illuminating your study room to ensure a healthy, productive and undisturbed studying time for yourself

Task lighting helps to improve your overall ability to work with better lighting and enhanced focus. So if you are looking for task lighting, the best type of pendant lighting to go for is the one with that maximizes illumination. 

Light Vault offers several types of pendant lights that function as task lights. When choosing a pendant light to function as your task lighting, make sure to pick one with wide-mouthed bottom to produce strong illumination.


The Ignazio Modern Metal Clasp Design Pendant Light at Light Vault is one of the most affordable options for task lighting. Its sleek matte exterior makes it an elegant addition to any area of your household. What makes it perfect is the wide-mouth opening of the lamp, which creates a sufficient luminousness to maintain your productivity. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for something more focus-centric and appropriate for a study room or home office, then the Bowen Modern Globe Full Glass Pendant Light is the perfect choice for you! It has a unique, single bulb style look, which not only makes it the epitome of minimalism, but also ensures hyper-functionality. 

This pendant light leans more on the premium side, which is why it is a little more expensive compared to the Iganzio. However, the price is well-worth it because it improves focus and commands undivided attention unlike any other lamp! 

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is your general lighting, which basically works in the exact opposite way that task lighting does – it illuminates the whole area instead of a targeted spot. The purpose of ambient lighting is to brighten up the whole area such as your living room, dining area or stairway, mainly for visibility purposes.

One thing many people overlook when choosing pendant lights for ambient lighting is that just a set of pendant lights is not enough. You will need other lights such as wall fixtures or ceiling lights to support the illumination of your pendant lights. 

However, since the ambient lighting is not used for functional purposes as much as it is for mainly visibility purpose, they can be evenly spread throughout your house to create a warm and cozy glow along with beautification of your home. 

Some of the top reasons why you may need ambient lighting include:

  • Illuminating your living room for visibility purposes
  • Ensuring radiance in your stairway or patio area to ensure a safe and steady maneuverability 
  • General lighting of any area inside or outside of your home

Light Vault has a vast collection of ambient lighting options among pendant lights. When choosing a pendant light for ambient lighting, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t have to be too wide-mouthed or decorative – it simply needs to offer improved illumination.

The Corrado Modern Factory Style Hanging Pendant is the choice for ambient lighting in your home. It has a sleek and slender structure, which makes it extremely desirable, while the lighting is just enough to create a vibrant yet intimate atmosphere. 

Since this set of ambient pendant lights is pocket-friendly, it is highly suitable for your stairway or patio area.

If you have an eye for geometrical designs yet, seek an ambient pendant lighting for your living room or kitchen area, then the Malaina Wood Modern Geometric Pendant Light is made for you. Its triangular design enhances the illumination feature as there is minimal blockage, ensuring sufficient brightness in a classy style. 

While this style of pendant lighting maybe a little more expensive compared to the Corrado one, it certainly adds stylishness and elegance to your house unlike any other. In fact, its wooden exterior makes it all the more appealing as it adds an organic touch to your interior!

Lastly, the Olov Wood Top Scandinavian Style Pendant is an extremely popular ambient light. Redefining elegance, class and beauty, this set of pendant lights inspires bliss naturally. Its soft and soothing glow creates the perfect ambience of calm and relaxation. 

However, this is one of the most expensive ambient pendant lighting sets. So make sure to add it in a more prominent position to enhance the beauty of as well as the visibility in your living room!

Decorative Lighting

Simply put, decorative lighting is the lighting installed for the purpose of embellishment and ornamentation. The ultimate goal is to beautify a certain area of your household – be it your living room, dining hall, alley, patio or bedroom – to enhance its overall look.

In fact, at this point, pendant lights have become an essential of interior design as they heighten the overall look of your home without creating an illusion of “stuffiness”, or without going overboard with decorative assortments. 

Moreover, most pendant lights feature a sleek and slender structure. As a result, they can be installed in any part of your house, whether it is a corner or the main, frontal area, allowing them to embellish any area that seems rather plain or tasteless. 

Some of the common reasons why you should install decorative pendant lights include:

  • Embellishing certain overlooked areas of your home for beautification
  • Enhancing the overall look of your interior with a decorative pendant light that matches 
  • Festooning your house without over-cluttering it with decorative items

The Reidar Aladdin Magic Cage Pendant Lamp is made for those homeowners who seek to create an air of antiquity amidst their contemporary living style. If you have vintage furniture with a dark and gothic look, or just like to keep an enigmatic setting with a touch of intimacy in your household, then this is the perfect choice of lighting for your home!

The Reidar is an affordable option among all the decorative pendant lighting options we have at Lights Vault. Its mysterious look seems all the more appealing because of its budget-friendly pricing, making it a popular piece among homeowners!

The Placido Weaved Fiber Globe Pendant Light has been one of the most highly demanded pendant lights of our collection. Its fiber-weaved style circular structure, inspired by the shape of the moon, creates a warm, cozy and relaxing feeling. 

The globe-like structure adds ornamentation to your room, enabling you to beautify it minimally. If you want to decorate your living room, you can add a couple of such pendant lamps and create a bubble-in-the air kind of an effect. Otherwise, it serves the decorative purpose well in bedrooms, study rooms, living rooms or even in the stairway area.

A little more upscale with a touch of playfulness, the Nunzia Glossy Design Caged Mesh Pendant Light is the perfect combination of fun and fleek. Its flawless, sleek and glossy exterior enables it to add shimmer and shine into any area of your home. As you can see, it looks absolutely wonderful on top of your dining table!

The Nunzia is one of our pricier pieces. However, its careful color combination and promising look guarantee the perfect ornamentation of your home!

Last but not the least is our unique and innovative Carlo Contemporary Unique Design Pendant Light. Inspired by the maximum lighting promised by cinematic lights, these pendant lights add vibrancy, vigor and verve to your household! 

The little tablet-like exterior enables you to enjoy soft and caressing illumination from the bulb within, which adds gracefulness to your home interior design. With the stainless ceiling attachment on top, these pendant lights end up looking like candy thrown in air!

Of course, we saved one of the most expensive ones for the last. Not that there aren’t any pricier ones available. But with pendant lights for decorative and festive purposes, this one tops it all.

What makes it such a desirable addition to your home interior is its ability to radiate joy and happiness simply through its playful color combination. Whether it’s your living room or your child’s nursery, this pendant light would enliven any space in your home!


When it comes to pendant lights, you have plenty of options. However, the type of light you choose should be determined by the kind of usage you require. 

Whether it is task lighting, ambient lighting, decorative light or a mix and match of all – at Light Vault, you will find innumerable options to adorn your home with.

From the classic pendant lights to more contemporary designs, there are all sorts of unique, creative and intriguing styles that you can pick to titivate your home with.

To order your pendant lights, visit our website here!