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Top 7 Lighting Trends for the Decade of 2020 You Need To Know

From January onward, the design experts at Light Vault have been rigorously researching the market to get a know-how of the top lighting trends of the year. 

Among the type of lighting designs that are already popular and the ones that are predicted to be a hit, our experts have carefully scrutinized each and every trend to create this list!

Whether you are a home owner, a professional interior designer or someone trying to add a little spark in their office, check out all the 7 lighting trends for the decade of 2020!

Not only are these trends here to stay, but these trends are here to change the way home décor has been done for the last whole decade! 

Are you ready to change the look of your home and level up? Then scroll down!

Top 7 Lighting Trends of the 2020 Decade 

Trend #1: Bold in Black 

There is absolutely no other way that’s better than a home interior fashion statement made in bold black! Whether you are looking for a chic and elegant pendant light or a highly functional wall light fixture, adorned in black, every type of lighting makes a bold fashion statement!

Our Top Picks

Our experts’ top picks for the Bold in Black trend are:


  • Jensine Modern Spotlight Shaped Wall Light


Trend #2: Geometric Style

Nothing trumps style the way geometrics do. Leaving you in a sort of magnetic trance, the geometric designs create a complex look, attracting your intelligence along with your aesthetics. According to our experts, geometrics are perhaps the longest-lasting lighting trend of the 2020 decade!

Our Top Picks

Our experts surfed through plenty of geometric inspired lighting designed, and settled on these as their favorites:



Trend #3: Glass Structure

When it comes to elegance and class, nothing can surpass glass exteriors. Apart from enhancing the illumination, glass is easy to clean and looks absolutely gorgeous on lightings. It adds a touch of modishness to your home interior, notching it up effortlessly!

Our Top Picks 

There are plenty of glass options, designs and styles to choose from. Our experts’ top picks are:



Trend #4: Modern Chandeliers 

Chandeliers may change in style, but they simply remain timeless in the midst of the rampantly changing lighting fashions. From what our experts have observed, the traditional style of extravagant and enormous chandeliers are quite the old news. But that doesn’t mean chandeliers have gone out of fashion. Instead, they’ve made a comeback in an all new vogue!

Our Top Picks

Modern chandeliers are not all alike. They may have stark differences when compared with one another. But there’s something common in all of them – they’re all unique! Our experts’ top picks of this trend are:



Trend #5: Caged Style 

In this day and age, where mankind has traveled far beyond the limits of time, we still somehow seek to feel the presence of the past. The farther away the past is, the more charming its antiquity seems to us. This has of course, manifested into home interiors as well, especially with the revival of cage style lighting designs in the 2020 decade! In fact, as per our experts’ predictions, this trend will remain consistent throughout the decade!

Our Top Picks

If you are planning to revamp your home, investing in cage style lighting will be pretty useful for you. Since this trend is likely to stay for a while, it’ll be a fruitful investment for your house because you won’t have to replace them before 2030! 

Our experts’ most favorite cage style lights are:



Trend #6: Globe’s Glory 

The globe styled light fixtures became famous somewhere in 2010. But ever since, this style of lighting lamps has evolved into something elegant and extraterrestrial! Not only has the demand for such lighting fixtures shot up, but it’s elegant and magnificent structure has gained an esteemed reputation among most home owners.

Our Top Picks

Our experts have rated the following designs as the hottest and most in-demand styles of the 2020 decade: 



Trend #7: The Vintage Verve

Last but not the least, vintage remains evanescent among lighting styles and designs. In a chic and stylish contemporary home, nothing seems more dreamy and majestic than a set of vintage pendant lights or wall fixtures. Among most of these trends, the vintage style has consistently remained a top pick of not only our experts but also professional home decorators and designers!

Our Top Picks

Our experts’ favorite vintage style lightings are:




With all these expert approved and predicted lighting trends for 2020, make sure to invest in the type of lights that resonate with you and uplift the overall look of your home interior!

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