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Top 8 Tips for Designing the Most Conducive Home Office

Top 8 Tips for Designing the Most Conducive Home Office

Whether you are self-employed or work from home for a company, it is important for you to have a designated work space. Having a home office or work space creates room for creativity as well as productivity.

If you’ve ever wondered, “do I really need a home office?” then stop for a second and think: isn’t your whole house your own? Then why do you still need a private bedroom if you could sleep anywhere you please? 

The thing with us is that we feel comfortable if we have a designated space for something that occupies our day. Just like we need a kitchen for cooking, you need an office to work effectively and efficiently. 

In this guide, we have compiled some of the top 8 tips for designing the most convenient home offices ever. We understand that your home office design should induce productivity along with creativity, and so, these design tips will help you come up with the perfect home office.

Choose the Right Location

When designing your home office, always remember that you’ll be spending a lot of time in there. This should determine the spaciousness of your office. If you’ll be spending only a few hours, then it’s okay to have a smaller space. But when working for longer hours, consider investing in a room with more space.

This is important because you don’t want to feel cooped up or crushe within narrow walls. In addition, if you will be seeing clients, then you need to make sure that the office is roomy enough for a decent seating arrangement. 

Form Goes With Function

Source: Pexels, Photo by Chris Gonzalez

It’s tempting to sacrifice form for function. A lot of people choose for only “functional” furniture, without paying any mind to the form or beauty of a certain fixture. But you need to remember that function and form go hand in hand!

Think of all the essential furnishing you’ll need in your office such as a desk, shelves, file stacker or organizer, storage area and etc. The find these items at thrift or antique stores for the lowest rates. When looking for these items, make sure they complement not only one another, but also the rest of your home interior. 

Avoid having ugly or mismatched furnishings – it might be cost-effective to buy such items. But soon, you’ll feel exhausted just look at them!

Get a Great Chair

It should go without saying that you need to purchase an incredible chair! Make sure that you have a comfortable seat that allows you to maintain a proper posture along with cushioning to your lower back and shoulder area. This will help you stay fit and enable you to avoid back problems in the long run. Not to forget, your work flow will be much smoother and efficient with a smart, comfortable chair!

Let the Lights Out 

Source: Bowen Modern Globe Full Glass Pendant Light

The most important part of your home office is the actual work. So make sure that you let the lights out with task lighting to avoid eye strains or headaches. A poorly lit home office will exert pressure on your shoulders, eyes, arms, neck and back. To avoid this and enjoy a comfortable working experience, make sure to add a task pendant light on top of your work desk.

Add a Pop of Color 

When you’re working at a company office, you can’t decide which color you’d like to see on the walls. But with your own home office, you can be as creative and crazy as you want. If you think that the typical, office-beige is the staple for home offices, then you’re far from being right. 

In fact, if anything, there should be brightness and vibrancy in your home office. The best design tip for your own home office is to add your favorite color on the walls. Not only is this going to be soothing for you, but you will also enjoy working in this space!

Have Something to “Look At”

Source: Pexels, Plush Design Studio

Do you ever space out when you’re working?

Or, do you need something to stare at to stir your critical thinking?

Remember, this is very common among office employees. It is easy to let your mind wander. And if you want it to come back to creative thinking skills, then make sure you have a view to “look at.”

Now this can be anything – a piece of decoration, a vase full of flowers, a work of art or just a pretty view from your window. But in any case, make sure there is something your mind can attach to critical thinking. It’ll boost your efficiency! 

Stay Organized

It’s easy to get messy when you’re spending all day at home – including your working hours. This is why, it is so important to stay organized. Invest in handy paperwork racks to help you keep track of your important documents and files. 

In addition, buy cute stationary organizers that not only help you stay organized, but also beautify your home office. After all, it is a part of your home and you need to maintain it just like any other room.

Hide the Chords

Source: Pexels, Huseyn Kamaladdin 

Practically speaking, there isn’t much you can do to pretty up your home office apart from adding accessories or picking out cute furnishings. But there is one thing that can make a huge difference – how you hide things.

Since your office will have a computer, it is bound to have wirings of any sort. It is important for you to hide these cords whether through in-built system or through coverings. This will help you in minimizing the overall messy look in your office.


Since you’ll be spending your whole day in here, you need to make use of these important tips to have the most conveniently designed home office for your work. 

While you can find almost every office essential from thrift stores, lighting is the only thing that needs to be premium in order to be useful and stylish.

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