Joelen Minimalist Wooden Moon Wall Light


Introducing the Joelen Minimalist Wooden Moon Wall Light—a celestial dance of simplicity and warmth that brings the lunar allure to your living spaces. Crafted with the finesse of a cosmic artisan, this wall light is more than a luminary; it’s a portal to a night sky, captured in the earthly embrace of minimalist design. Picture the Joelen as your personal crescent moon—a wooden celestial emissary casting soft beams of light, orchestrating a nightly symphony of tranquility. Its clean lines and lunar silhouette create a captivating ode to modern elegance, turning your room into a haven of contemporary serenity. The wooden allure not only adds a touch of nature’s poetry but also transforms your space with a gentle, inviting glow. Choose Joelen, and let your living spaces be a canvas for celestial creativity—a timeless and sophisticated lighting solution that paints your home with the warm hues of cosmic enchantment. Illuminate your space with the celestial charm of Joelen’s Minimalist Wooden Moon Wall Light and bask in the radiance of lunar-inspired elegance.


Comes with G9 fitting LED bulb in 7W LED in warm-white.



Number of bulbs1
Fitting typeG9
ColourWood colour
MeasurementsDiameter 15cm x Height 15cm
MaterialWood | Glass
Warranty6 months product warranty

Additional information

Bulb Type

Transparent glass, Frosted glass

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