Ropella Wabi Sabi Eggshell Resin Pendant Light


Introducing the Ropella Wabi Sabi Eggshell Resin Pendant Light—an illuminating masterpiece that transcends conventional lighting, inviting you to embark on a journey of discovery within your living spaces. Picture the gentle radiance emanating from its captivating eggshell resin, each intricacy weaving a tale of nature’s artistry and the passage of time. Elevate your interior with the Ropella pendant light, where every imperfection becomes a cherished symbol of beauty and authenticity. Imagine the enchanting patterns cast by its soft glow, transforming any room into a sanctuary of introspection and wonder. This pendant light isn’t merely a source of illumination; it’s a testament to the profound philosophy of Wabi Sabi—an ode to finding joy in life’s imperfections and embracing the beauty of transience. Crafted for those who seek more than just aesthetics, the Ropella Wabi Sabi Eggshell Resin Pendant Light seamlessly integrates into various design aesthetics, infusing each space with a unique blend of charm and character. Choose Ropella to illuminate your home with a narrative that transcends time and trends, inviting you to savor every moment and cherish the beauty in life’s fleeting moments. Let Ropella’s radiant glow and exquisite craftsmanship transform your living spaces into a haven of individuality and soulful expression.

Bulbs are not included and can be purchased here: light bulbs. Avail in tri-colour dimming lighting colour.




Number of bulbs1
Fitting typeE27
Wattage5W (X-Small)(Small) | 12W (Medium)(Large)(X-Large)(XX-Large) | 24W (XXX-Large)
ColourWhite | Grey
MeasurementsX-Small: Diameter 20cm | Small: Diameter 30cm | Medium: Diameter 40cm | Large: Diameter 50cm | X-Large: Diameter 60cm | XX-Large: Diameter 80cm | XXX-Large: Diameter 100cm, Lampshade Height 15cm, Hanging wire 150cm (adjustable)
Warranty6 months product warranty

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X-Small: Diameter 20cm, Small: Diameter 30cm, Medium: Diameter 40cm, Large: Diameter 50cm, X-Large: Diameter 60cm, XX-Large: Diameter 80cm, XXX-Large: Diameter 100cm


White, Grey

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