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The Essential Guide to the Victorian Vintage Style Design

“For a house to be successful, the objects in it must communicate with one another, respond and balance one another.” – Andre Puttman

When people hear the word Victorian Gothic, an image of a dramatic setting immediately comes to mind – dark accessories, haunting architecture, and a generally gloomy aura.

The Victorian Gothic is an era that dates back to 19th century and beyond that. It’s an architectural movement that encompasses extreme attention to detail, high-fashion, Gothic patterns, and opulent decoration. 

The revival of this movement is something that current homeowners wish to replicate, and it makes absolute sense why! The aesthetics of this style bring their own visual of grandeur and luxury.

However, it is very tricky to find the right balance to make sure you get the perfect Victorian-Gothic inspired look for your home. With this essential guide, you will know all the elements you need for the elegance and dramatic look.



Textured Wallpaper 



Having the right type of wallpaper is a crucial essential if you are dedicated to achieving the perfect vintage aesthetic. There are countless wallpapers with patterns to get the right vintage visuals.

In order to achieve a truly Victorian style, you must consider wallpapers with patterns and textures of brocade and damask. If you are looking for a more dramatic visual, then consider velvet textured wallpaper – bold colors such as burgundy, black, light gold, are sure to add that Gothic flair to your home.

The kind of wallpaper you choose will impact your overall visual aesthetic – make sure to choose the colors according to the furniture you have in the room. If your furniture is of a lighter shade, then it is best to choose a wallpaper boasting darker hues and vice versa.


What Colors Can I Choose From?


If you feel that wallpapers are a huge commitment – feeling more like an indulgence than a lifestyle – then there are bold paint colors that will guarantee you the visual you need.

Let’s take the picture above as an example. A deep and bold red paint that accentuates the gothic chandelier is just the right balance you need to strike to get that Victorian style. Colors such as burgundy, ruby red, emerald green, and more bring a rich and dramatic look to your home. Black is naturally the go-to choice but it has to be used moderately and selectively. 

What you can also discover are colors that are representative of earthy elements. Wood, brick, terra-cotta, and other components have always been present in vintage settings. 

The dark richness of wood paneling, the rustic dungeon-vibe brick walls, and the distressed vibe that comes from walls built of stone make hit that sweet vintage spot.

It’s antiquity in its best form! In conclusion, opt for colors with a jewel tone, or colors that have a lot of natural depth to them so that you can get a bold and antique atmosphere for your home.

Gothic Accessories

The panache for the good ol’ Gothic style continues with the options of accessorizing your house. Remember, the beauty of the Victorian Gothic style lies in it is extravagance and glory-seeking attitude towards life, art and architecture.

To really nail this kind of a visual aesthetic, you must seek out the right kind of ornaments for your household. Some of the key elements of any decorative item is a feel of heaviness and an overall dramatic look. Search for pieces that are wrought with iron, wood, metal or stone – as mentioned above, stone-studded or earthy materials work wonderfully in fulfilling your verve for vintage.

In addition, embellishing your household with miniature sculptures or stone statues, heavy and embroidered rugs and dark oak-made coffee tables can really accentuate the ancient pizzazz.  

Lancet Windows

Lancet windows have been a dominant aesthetic motif of the medieval times, which later on revived in the Victorian vogue of the 19th century. This revival of the Lancet-style windows is a proof that the architectural motif remains unchallenged even in the post-modern era of the 21st century. 

This particular window-cut boasts an arch at the top, supported by stained glass, an iron grid and heavy molding in the framework. While it may not be convenient to add one in your current home, you can always add a stained window and ornament the window framework with moldings to create a sense of a relic of the past. 

With Lancet accessories, you will be able to recreate a sense of ancient-style in the midst of the modern setting!

Drapery and Moldings

To create the vintage look in your house, use the right kind of draperies against the windows to accentuate the sense of antiquity. Of course, your house is well-ventilated. But festooning your interior with heavy and embroidered draperies will not only improve the overall protection against the outdoor air and pollution, but it will also enhance the appeal of the interior. 

If you live in a colder climate, consider purchasing heavy velvet draperies. The color schemes can vary from rich gem stone hues such as ruby or wine red, magenta or burgundy, blue diamond, bottle green and more! Of course, if these colors do not complement your furniture or wallpaper, then the choice of earthy colors lays before you.

On the other hand, if you live in a warmer climate, yet desire the air of the ancient aestheticism, then consider purchasing draperies made of silk or satin. 


Lighting Creates All The Drama

The dramatic flair and the elevating elegance of the vintage aesthetic dazzles through the choice of lighting in your house. What adds the vivacity of the vintage look in lighting is the illumination through a candle-styled bulb.

The Victorians prided themselves in their candle-sticking chandeliers that enable optimized illumination. Make sure to choose the right kind of wall fixture lightings in your house that create a semblance of the éclat of the ancient aesthetics.  

Are you ready to transition from a contemporary living space to one that emits the exuberance of the past? Then incorporate all the elements of Gothic interior mentioned in this guide in your home décor to achieve the perfect, 19th century Gothic look!

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